Ajax Systems – the pride of Ukraine announces new outdoor surveillance sensors, it already has a million customers in 121 countries around the world

By: technoslav | 21.05.2021, 09:00
Ajax Systems – the pride of Ukraine announces new outdoor surveillance sensors, it already has a million customers in 121 countries around the world

There is hardly a second company in Ukraine like Ajax Systems. Having set a goal to become a global market trendsetter for security systems, it has purposefully created its devices, distinguished not only by advanced technology, but also by a user-friendly application and Apple-style design (until now, all devices use only white or black plastic casing).

This results in reliable, fully wireless (easy to install) security systems that can run on a battery charge for years. Few people know, but, in fact, all Ajax devices are covered by a lifetime warranty. That is, any faulty device is simply replaced, with no questions asked, and no waiting for repairs or unnecessary trips to service centers.

Production is located in Kiev, and this year they opened a second facility. In the year since the last presentation, the number of engineers in the company has doubled from 150 to 300 people. Development has also been expanded by two new R&D centers which have been opened abroad. The next plant, apparently, will be outside Ukraine, closer to consumers, as this year the company intends to enter a the market of the USA. For this purpose they have obtained the FCC certification (Federal Communications Commission) and IC certification (Bureau of Engineering Certification of Canada) for radio equipment. It was not only about the new frequency bands, in which the radio equipment is supposed to work in other countries (for example, other bands for LTE or the conversion of the frequency of the equipment from 868 to 915 MHz), but also the need to revise the technology and test the software. According to Alexander Konotopsky, CEO of Ajax Systems, you cannot just take European technology and move it to another frequency band.

"In order for the technology to work properly, it has to be redesigned by 50%. We adapted the hardware, reinvented the radio technology, expanded the capabilities of the software at all levels, tested, certified, and prepared the delivery and production chain."

The main changes affected the proprietary technologies Jeweler (the main wireless data transfer protocol used by Ajax) and Wings (the new Ajax radio protocol, created to transmit images from a MotionCam camera). A wider frequency range than in Europe allowed the use of pseudo-random tuning of the operating frequency from 2 to 200 radio frequencies. That gives greater resistance to jamming of security systems and interference. At the same time, all the characteristics of the technology in terms of range, energy efficiency and anti-sabotage functions have been preserved. The LTE module of the Hub 2 Plus control panel has been expanded from 11 frequencies to 17 frequencies to cover the entire frequency range of mobile operators around the world.

Ajax opens offices and starts recruiting teams in the USA, Canada, Argentina, Mexico and India. 12 Ajax devices have already received FCC and IC certificates; by the end of June, the company plans to receive these certificates for 90% of its devices. 

DualCurtain Outdoor: wireless outdoor bi-directional motion sensor

In 2021, Ajax Systems is expanding its range of outdoor security devices. The new DualCurtain Outdoor has two curtain motion sensors pointing in opposite directions and works up to 30 meters away. The new ELSA algorithm analyzes data from two sensors in a split second and filters out false alarms of the security system triggered by pets (pet immunity) and natural interference for the street.

DualCurtain Outdoor start of sales in June. Recommended price: 267 EUR

KeyPad Plus: Wireless keypad with support for secure contactless cards and key tags

The new generation of digital wireless security alarm keypad KeyPad Plus supports contactless cards Pass and Tags. It allows you to disactivate the alarm without entering passwords, with one touch of the card or key tag. Pass and Tag are equipped with DESFire chips used in the transport systems of European cities and NASA. Protection is based on the ISO 14443 standard and is provided with 128-bit encryption and copy protection. One Pass card or key Tag can be connected to 13 hubs and, for example, so you can use it at home in the city apartment, in the countryside and in the office. You can set the name and access rights for each card or key tag in the application. And each action is logged in the Logbook. The system administrator can revoke or restrict access rights in real time.

Start of sales: June 2021. Recommended price: 156 EUR

MotionCam Outdoor: wireless outdoor motion sensor with camera for alarm verification

In addition to the motion sensor with a camera, MotionCam, presented last year, Ajax is unveiling its version for outdoor installation: MotionCam Outdoor. It has IP54 water, rain and snow protection, and the ability to control an area of ​​up to 175 square meters.

Start of sales: July 2021. Recommended price: 282 EUR

PRO Desktop 3.0: application for servicing Ajax systems

The desktop version of the application for the administration of security systems Ajax - PRO Desktop 3.0 has also been updated. It has options for Windows and MacOS. The new version offers administrator's quick connection and remote configuration of devices, a flexible system of access rights and a detailed event log for employee monitoring, as well as built-in photo verification of alarms and support for the mobile panic button. 

To help partners installing and administering Ajax systems around the world, they have created an online battery life calculator and Jeweler protocol manual.


Konotopsky comments that quality and user experience are, literally, a religion for Ajax. Trustpilot gives Ajax a score of 4.6 out of 5, with almost 2,900 reviews. And the NPS index (customer satisfaction and willingness to recommend the product to friends) is 87%. The head of the company cites "a secret development" as the main reason for these results, which is a kind of compass for Ajax. The company's slogan is: "We Do Not Relese Shit!" This summer, Ajax expects to pass the milestone of one million customers and have official distribution channels in 121 countries (+25 over the past year).

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