The AFU received rare French anti-tank mines HPD-2A2

By: Myroslav Trinko | 08.07.2022, 10:36
The AFU received rare French anti-tank mines HPD-2A2

According to military analyst @UAWeapons, Ukrainian defenders have received rare weapons.

What we know

We are talking about French anti-tank mines HPD-2A2. The mine is activated by a magnetic field that detonates a shaped charge when a vehicle passes nearby. According to the manufacturer, HPD-2A2 is capable of penetrating 150 millimeter armor. Moreover, it can be buried up to 1.5 meters deep.

HPD-2A2 includes a manipulation protection device that is sensitive to movement and signals generated by mine detectors. As of 2006, about 400,000 HPD-2 series mines have been created. It is used by the French, Belgian and Norwegian armies. It is also produced under license in Switzerland for the Swiss Army as Panzerabwehrmine 88 (aka Pzaw Mi 88).

By the way, the AFU is already using HPD-2 at the front.

Source: @UAWeapons

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