Xiaomi released headphones with active noise reduction - Mi Noise Cancelling

By: Bohdan Chub | 11.12.2017, 13:26
Xiaomi released headphones with active noise reduction - Mi Noise Cancelling

Even in the summer of the Xiaomi store appeared headset with a USB Type-C connector and noise reduction function, and now the company introduced a similar model for smartphones with a standard 3.5-mm audio jack.

How it works?

Two-driver dynamic headphones fit tightly to the ear canal, which already provides good sound insulation. The system of active noise suppression (in the range 50-1500 Hz) has an independent power supply. Inside the aluminum case of the console, there is a battery with a capacity of 55 mAh, which is designed for 12 hours of function and is charged via the Micro USB port. Using the switch, you can adjust the intensity (strong - medium - off). Mini-jack corner.

Thanks to the noise reduction technology, users do not need to twist the volume to the maximum to muffle extraneous sounds in noisy places. Xiaomi also claims to support high-definition sound Hi-Res Audio.

How much is?


In China, the price of Xiaomi Mi Noise Cancellers is about $ 45, and sales will begin on December 12. For comparison, the cost of Huawei AM185 ANC on the home market is $ 60, and when you order on AliExpress they will cost $ 75. You can also mention Audio-Technica ATH-ANC33iS (about $ 80), but in this model the noise suppression unit is much larger, and AAA batteries are used for power supply.

By the way, Xiaomi Mi Noise Cancelling Type-C for smartphones with a new port is offered for $ 45 in China.

Source: Xiaomi