Meizu introduced the "bare" headphones-transformers Live and Flow Bass for $ 93

By: Elena Shcherban | 18.01.2018, 00:14
Meizu introduced the "bare" headphones-transformers Live and Flow Bass for $ 93

Together with   smartphone M6S company Meizu also introduced wired headphones Live and   Flow Bass.

Meizu Live

The headphones are made in   transparent casing of   polycarbonate with   metal components with the help of technology of powder metallurgy. The design of the headphones is quite interesting, because the transparent case makes it possible to view the entire " stuffing " of the device.

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Also there is a universal connector MMCX, allowing after deterioration simply to change wires, and   not   run into   shop for   new headphones. AT   The set comes with replaceable tuning attachments , thanks to which the user himself can change the frequency of sound and   adjust it to the features of your hearing, and   seven pairs of ear-cups of different sizes. In addition, in   set equipped waterproof case.

The impedance of the headphones is 18 ohms, the range of reproduced frequencies   - 20 Hz   - 40 kHz. Output power is 3   mW. The complete cable has a length of 1.2   m, and   weigh headphones together with   it is 27 g. Price   - about $ 202.

Meizu Flow Bass

This is the continuation of the line of three-part Flow earphones that came out in   last year   smartphone Meizu Pro 7. From   It's clear that the developers have emphasized the   quality sounding of low frequencies thanks to the support of Bass + technology.

AT   the design plan Flow Bass copy their " predecessors. " The impedance of the novelty is 32 Ohm, the frequency range   - from   10 Hz   before   30 kHz. The wire has a length of 118   mass media   ends with a 3, 5-mm plug, and   weight Flow Bass together with   he is 22.7 g.

The first batch will be sold with   logo mblu, then the familiar Meizu symbols will be used. Buy Meizu Flow Bass will be for   $ 93. A   here in   bundled with   M6S they will be cheaper   - about $ 78.

Source: Gizmochina