This box for KFC wings turns into drone

By: Bohdan Chub | 24.01.2018, 18:21
This box for KFC wings turns into drone

Minute of advertising creative. Indian KFC launched a curious action - from January 25 to 26, when ordering fried chicken wings, customers of the network have a chance to receive a special box from which it is possible to assemble a miniature quadrocopter.

How it works?


We expected to see an unusual design in the style of origami, in practice the details just neatly folded into a box. At the full charging of the drone KFO (reference to the UFO - an unidentified flying object) flies about five minutes, the smartphone is used for control. Judging by the developer of the application for Android and iOS , the company is collaborating with the Drona Aviation team, which develops sets for assembling small quadrocopters with their own hands.

The KFC action is held only in 12 snack bars and only in 10 major cities of India. Ordering the wings Smoky Grilled does not guarantee the receipt of KFO. In total, 24 sets will be played.

Other antics

In 2016, Indian KFC was distributing boxes with a built-in rechargeable battery to recharge gadgets. The Chinese unit is experimenting with a system of recommendations based on face recognition, and in Hong Kong somehow it was possible to get edible nail polish (that would compare it with Sichuan sauce from McDonald's).

Source: KFC