Became known prices LG V30s ThinQ and V30s + ThinQ

By: Elena Shcherban | 08.03.2018, 18:40
Became known prices LG V30s ThinQ and V30s + ThinQ

On   exhibition MWC in   Barcelona company LG   not   brought a new flagship, but presented the successor of LG   V30, which pumped artificial intelligence, added new colors and   increased memory   - LG brought to the MWC flagship V30S ThinQ with pumped AI .

Prices and   start of sales

Tomorrow sales of new devices start in   South Korea.

Price of the base model with   6 GB   operational and   128 GB   flash memory   counters from   price tag in   $ 975, and   plus-version with   6 + 256 GB   memory will receive a price tag in   $ 1020.

Recall that in   new models of LG   increased the amount of internal memory   128 GB   before   256 GB. AT   The rest of the filling remained exactly   same as   at   conventional V3: Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, 6 GB   RAM and   6-inch P-OLED display (2880 × 1440).

New AI functions in the LG camera: Vision AI and Voice AI . The first feature of LG   V30s ThinQ called AI   CAM   Is an " intelligent " viewfinder, which with   using AI   recognizes objects in   frame. QLens recognizes objects in the   frame and   seeking information about   them in   network. This can be, for example, a bottle of wine, which was brought   friends, jeans in   flow. A   Bright Mode with   using AI   will " pull " the shots in   conditions of poor lighting. You can control the camera with   using the voice command system Voice AI.

Source: GSM Arena