3D printer prints a house in 24 hours

By: Anton Melnik | 19.03.2018, 23:57
3D printer prints a house in 24 hours

The American team ICON together with the charitable company New Story developed a technology that allows printing a single-storey house within 12-24 hours.

Technology does not stand still

According to the project participants themselves, their homes are the first, whose facade is fully printed on a 3D printer using software code. The building of 60 square meters will cost about 10,000 dollars and will be built in less than a day.


The developers say: "After the walls are printed, windows, a roof, plumbing and electrical wiring are installed. The entire period of work, including the decoration of premises, takes less than one day. In the future, we want to create robots that will install windows and roof after printing, as well as drones that would be responsible for painting the house. "

Is it convenient

Despite the fact that the first 2-3 days the walls of the house are still plastic, they can be placed in them immediately after printing. In its dilution, the team uses the Vulcan 3D construction printer, which can be easily disassembled and moved.


The first house printed by the company is their headquarters in Austin. In the future, they plan to continue the project in developing countries, El Salvador and the United States.

Source: New Story