Facebook for dating, video chat in Instagram and other announcements of the F8 conference

By: Bohdan Chub | 02.05.2018, 14:14
Facebook for dating, video chat in Instagram and other announcements of the F8 conference

At the opening of the F8 developer conference, Mark Zuckerberg and colleagues spoke about the upcoming changes in Facebook and other services of the company.

Facebook Dating


Socset decided to help users in search of the second half. The profile for acquaintances will exist separately, friends and colleagues may not know about its existence. Correspondence with potential partners, too, did not become tied to Messenger or WhatsApp. These messages can only be viewed from their own page in the inbox. To avoid embarrassing situations, smart Facebook algorithms will not recommend people from the contact list.


Mark Zuckerberg said that their service is aimed at creating a full-fledged relationship, rather than fleeting communications. In the new section, you can subscribe to groups, "unblock" events and view the list of participants. This approach encourages meetings in real life.

Yes, after all the stories with surveillance and leaks of these users, not everyone will trust the company with such personal information, but the competitors are already straining. After the presentation of Facebook, the shares of the owner of Tinder fell by 22%. Start-up promises "soon".

Clear History


In the coming months, a list of sites and applications will appear in the settings that are shared with Facebook data through analytics tools. This history can be deleted and even completely disable the collection of statistics from other sources. So the audience of social network will receive more control over personal information.

New to Instagram


Soon the service will add to Direct support for video calls, including group chat. Developers also continue to struggle with the negative in Instagram and implemented a new filter that automatically hides comments with insults.

The built-in camera of the application will receive support for the effects of augmented reality, and on the Explore tab, photos and videos will more closely match the user's interests.

3D photo and virtual reality


Artificial Intelligence Facebook has learned to add a 3D image effect to photos. They look like "moving pictures": when you tilt the device or scroll the tape on a 3D photo, the perspective changes slightly. Function waiting for the summer.


Separately it is worth noting the function VR Memories, which by pictures and videos creates an approximate three-dimensional model of the room. Photos and videos of the user are placed in the virtual space in accordance with the place that they are depicted. A modern version of the photo album, but so far this is only a prototype.


In the unit Oculus announced the launch of sales of the stand-alone VR-helmet Oculus Go and showed the application Oculus TV for watching TV in virtual reality.

What else?


At the presentation, group video calls were presented in WhatsApp and reported that "History" in the messenger is viewed daily by 450 million people. We have already told you about the new Messenger design. Developers are pleased that Facebook again takes up the application. In March, this opportunity was blocked for the duration of the investigation on the scandal with the data .

We did not see a smart Facebook column, although insiders confirm the development of two devices with an "intelligent" assistant. Just now is not the best time to advertise a gadget, which is equipped with a camera and around the clock listening to everything that happens around. It is possible that the novelties will first appear outside the US, while the social network is trying to restore the confidence of the Americans.

Source: TechCrunch