China is once again ahead of the rest of the world: this time on the spread of 5G networks

By: Yuriy Stanislavskiy | 06.09.2021, 11:04
China is once again ahead of the rest of the world: this time on the spread of 5G networks

Qualcomm China Chairman Meng Pu held a live broadcast in which he talked a lot about China's 5G. According to Meng Pu, China is the first country to license 5G. After two years of development, China has achieved very good results, with the three major operators building about 1 million 5G base stations.

In addition, the number of 5G terminal connections is almost 400 million. He believes this is a very significant number, which will take some regions many years to achieve. He went on to say that regardless of the number of base stations or the number of users, China certainly ranks first in the world.

Meng Pu is currently the Chairman of Qualcomm China and has full responsibility for Qualcomm's business and operations in China. He is also responsible for Qualcomm's strategies and strengthening cooperation with China Mobile in the industrial chain and semiconductor industry.

Specific Figures

When it comes to 5G adoption, China is clearly ahead of the rest of the world. One Chinese city has more 5G base stations than all of Europe. As amazing as this is, it's true.

A few days ago, China held a global conference on 5G in Beijing. China's Minister of Industry and Information Technology, Xiao Yaqing, announced that there are currently 993,000 5G base stations in China.

That figure is only seven thousand short of 1 million! According to him, 5G base stations are now available in all cities at the prefecture level. He also claims that more than 95% of counties and districts and 35% of cities nationwide are covered by them. In addition, the number of mobile phone connections with 5G terminals exceeds 392 million.

Source: gizchina