Facebook has a new "Audio" tab with podcasts, live audio recordings and more

By: Yuriy Stanislavskiy | 11.10.2021, 19:42
Facebook has a new "Audio" tab with podcasts, live audio recordings and more

Facebook likes to introduce new features all the time, especially those that are new and trendy (but a little late this time). Clubhouse-style audio rooms have gained popularity thanks to multiple platforms releasing their own variants of the genre, and Facebook announced back in April that it was working on new audio features that included Clubhouse-style chats.

The features weren't available to the general public at the time, though access was later expanded to include more users in the U.S. The company has now announced that its Live Audio Rooms are being rolled out to users around the world.

Live Audio Rooms is exactly what companies like Twitter, Slack and even LinkedIn have launched in recent months. A user can set up a room and talk to any number of people who join it, with users being able to be assigned as speakers or listeners. Facebook expects this feature to be sought after by all public figures, content creators, groups and partners.

Live Audio Rooms will appear prominently right in the main Facebook feed (as if there wasn't enough trash there already), and users can sign up to receive alerts when Live Audio Rooms go live. Like Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces, users will be able to turn on automatic captions, "raise their hand" to ask for words, and send reactions.

Source: 9to5mac