10 liquid soap dispensers: decent, cute and hygienic

By: Lora Craft | 01.11.2021, 13:33
10 liquid soap dispensers: decent, cute and hygienic

Modern people are lazy. And the further we go, the more we want to shift things onto technology. Today it cooks for us, washes dishes, cleans the house, washes and dries clothes, so it should still wash our frail bodies! In the latter direction also something has already been done - in particular dispensers for liquid soap have been invented that squeeze it out in human hands in the right quantity and already in the form of a cloud of fluffy foam - all that is left is to spread it on the skin and wash away. The cleansing effect of soap directly depends on its foaming - the bubbles get rid of dirt and germs, and the more of them bubbles, the more effective is our washing. That's why the soap has to be properly mashed on the skin, turning it into a foam.

And if for the home such a thing as a soap dispenser is nothing more than a fun toy, for places that are visited by a lot of people, it becomes the key to hygiene. Crowds of people every day are not rubbing the same bar of soap or the cap of the bottle of liquid cosmetic product, but getting their portion of foam contactless - just putting the palm in the sensor area. It is not only easier, but also more hygienic. In general, an automatic soap dispenser is at home desirable and mandatory - at dental or beauty salon, in the toilet of the cafe, hotel, beauty salon or any office, where there is a high traffic of people.

Being people attentive to detail, we poked around on the expanses of AliExpress, and this is what we found there.


  1. Baseus Automatic Soap Dispenser
  2. Baseus Baby Dispenser
  3. BlitzWolf BW-FD1 Dispenser
  4. Lebath Dispenser by Xiaomi Eco-Chain
  5. Dispenser by Xiaomi Mijia
  6. MiniJ Auto Foaming Hand Wash
  7. Baby Dispenser Xiaomi Mijia
  8. Youpin Enchen
  9. Xiaomi Mijia Enchen
  10. Dispenser for liquid soap Bosharon

Baseus Automatic Soap Dispenser
automatic soap dispenser

You pour liquid soap (absolutely any brand) into the container, dilute with water and set near a washbasin. That's all, the next time someone comes up to him and brings his hand, the sensor will trigger, and the eager palm will give out a gentle foam - be free to wash your hands. You must position the sensor at least 6cm away from the dispenser for the sensor to recognize an approaching hand. Foam dispensing takes 0.25 seconds! For greater convenience the top of the bottle has a 45 degree bevel - such design the manufacturer associates with a penguin beak. That is, who in this world is a real expert hygienist...

Dispenser is easy to fill - the diameter of the bottle neck is 2 cm, allowing you to pour the liquid soap even from another bottle, even from a PET bag. Well, of course, a man of economy will like that the soap can be (and should be) diluted by almost 5 times - select the concentration by experimenting so that the foam was light but dense. Start with a soap to water ratio as 1:3... In the long run, the dispenser gives considerable savings in soap consumption.

All the wonders of converting soap solution into foam come from the silent motor installed in the gadget - powered by 4 thumb batteries, which should be enough for 1000 uses.

Dispenser is no more than 21 cm high, weighs (without the soap inside) 220 g, and its neutral, laconic design allows it to fit into any bathroom, toilet or kitchen interior.

Baseus Children's Dispenser
automatic soap dispenser

Dispenser of the same manufacturer, but designed for families with children or kindergartens. First, the design of the gadget is clearly aimed at children - cute dinosaur motivates a child to wash his hands once again. The cute dinosaur encourages kids to wash their hands even more. The second is that the dispenser allows for two modes of foam dispensing: adult and child (smaller portion).

This gadget is a little less sensitive - it recognizes your hand at a distance of 4 - 5 cm, creates a cloud of foam with the same delay - no more than 0.25 seconds and has exactly the same silent motor, which is powered by 4 batteries. You can buy it in your local store instead of waiting overseas if you are ready to pay a little extra for the delivery speed.

Dispenser BlitzWolf BW-FD1
soap dispenser

Its distinctive feature is a roomy tank for soap solution - 240 ml. (Of course, in the description of previous models we did not find the size of the reservoir directly, but by eye it is clearly less). It is powered by 3 batteries, and its hand recognition range is slightly higher - up to 7 cm. And, by the way, it costs considerably less than the previous options. The height of about 20 cm in diameter - almost 9 cm.

Dispenser for liquid soap Lebath by Xiaomi Eco-Chain
soap dispenser touchscreen

If the tank volume of the previous dispenser is not enough for you, and you have to fill it frequently, here is a solution from a well-known brand - a dispenser, where you can pour 450 ml of soap solution at once. It is beautiful, stylish, smart and is not afraid of water at all. And by the way, you can fill it not only with soap, but also with shampoo (and it is known that it is not recommended to apply it just to the scalp, but it is advised first to dilute it with water and lather up), shower gel, detergent for dishes and so on, depending on where you want to take advantage of all the foam. The waiting time for lathering is from 0.5 seconds. Another nice thing is that it's powered by a built-in rechargeable battery, which means you don't need to spend regular amounts of money on batteries either.

Dispenser by Xiaomi Mijia
automatic soap dispenser

The first thing we remember this brand when we talk about smart home. And so, when choosing such a thing as a contactless soap dispenser, we naturally explore the Xiaomi range. And it does not disappoint. The contactless smart dispenser has a minimalist design and does a great job with all the demands placed on it. An infrared sensor detects an approaching palm as early as 6 - 9 cm, onto which an airy cloud of foam is dispensed with a delay of no more than 0.25 sec. At the same time on the top panel of the concise gadget illuminated white logo Xiaomi Mijia. And everything would seem to be fine, but there is one but. Unlike previous models, in this dispenser the reservoir is not reusable. That is, when the soap runs out, the dispenser can not just refill, you have to buy a new special bottle with soap solution. And these bottles will have to either separately order in China (as we do not sell them), or somehow adapt - whether a screwdriver to remove the cap, or make a hole in the neck of the bottle - and thus turn the disposable reservoir in a reusable. A video, how to do it, on the Internet expanses posted many craftsmen. For example:

The motor is powered by rechargeable batteries.

MiniJ Auto Foaming Hand Wash
touch dispenser for liquid soap

This thing is produced by Xiaomi's partner - MiniJ/XiaoJi, whose products are also part of the Mi ecosystem. There's a single-use, theoretically non-refillable (ha!) bottle of soap solution that's included with the purchase, too. And there's another feature that's very useful for kids and anyone who's used to shoddy hand washing - a timer that flashes for 10 seconds after dispensing lather - that's how long an honest person needs to blurt the soap onto their hands to get rid of all the bacteria and viruses that have settled on them. And that's something we so often forget about!

It looks very stylish, and judging by customer reviews, it's worth picking up.

Baby dispenser Xiaomi Mijia
soap dispenser for children

This dispenser was created in collaboration with the brand Linefriends. Of children's here - just a design in the form of a funny duck, and everything else - for adults: infrared sensor, built-in battery, which should last up to 8 months of work, the economy of soap consumption (the instructions advise diluting the soap in a solution in the proportion of 1:12). The hand is recognized from 9 cm, withstands a wide range of humidity and temperature (and in the bathroom we have drops of these parameters - good grief).

Youpin Enchen
soap dispenser

This square automatic soap dispenser pleases the eye with its purity and pleases your hands with the fine foam that cleanses them better than if you just rubbed a drop of liquid soap. The foam action takes 0.25 seconds, but the infrared sensor to detect approaching palm is weaker than previous models - it will work only at a distance of 4.5 cm. To work the gadget needs 3 AA batteries and, of course, liquid soap solution. Has two modes: when the logo on the lid is lit white, dispenser gives 1.1 grams of foam at a time, and if the logo is lit blue - half as much - 0.55 grams. That is, you can adjust how much foam you need in a particular case - to wash small children's hands or your labor blister...

Xiaomi Mijia Enchen
Automatic soap dispenser

Another interesting design of compact dispenser. Unlike the previous one, it does not require batteries, it runs on a built-in battery. And in the rest the parameters are almost the same, except that the infrared sensor detects the palm at a closer distance - 4.5 cm. The set does not contain liquid as in the previous example, but the soap solution tank is a bit bigger - 280 ml.

Bosharon liquid soap dispenser
soap dispenser bottles

And this is more usual reusable bottle for liquid soap - for fans of the classics. No infrared sensor - the soap portion is dispensed by pressing the soap dispenser pump. And no foam, just a small puddle of soap poured on the palm of the user. No need to dilute it with water to use this soap dispenser. But it combines two 300 ml bottles. This way you can pour several products into it and use it simultaneously - for example shower gel and shampoo in the shower or liquid soap and hand cream over the washbasin, or dishwasher detergent and liquid soap in the kitchen.

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