The best cost-effective washing machines

By: Lora Craft | 01.12.2021, 13:44
The best cost-effective washing machines

Our grandmothers did their washing in the ice-hole (and did a bunch of other things, including giving birth to a horse on the jump in the field, we do not want to). And today you are unlikely to find a house where there is no washing machine. Because you can wash the dishes with your hands and do without a robot vacuum cleaner (although, also unnecessary), but washing clothes, beds, sneakers, and everything else should be machine. All those born after the last hoarse motor of the automatic washing machine Lybid thundered away are absolutely sure of that.


  2. LG F2J5HS9W
  3. SAMSUNG WD70M4443JW
  4. MIELE WDB 020 Eco
  5. ARDESTO WMS-6118W
  6. HAIER HW70-12829A
  8. BOSCH WAN 24260 BY
  9. How to choose a washing machine

If it is time to choose a new washing machine, we have good news for you. There is no need to lay out all your savings and borrow from your aunt to buy a decent machine - online retailers regularly offer discounts on the most popular models. And here are some of them

SAMSUNG WW60J30G03WDUA narrow with front-loading

Quality rating of washing machines

This narrow machine - dimensions 85x60x45 cm, that is, it is easy to place in a bathroom or kitchen, though it is freestanding (solo), not recessed in the wall (well, okay). But not only according to the manufacturer promises, but also (what is more pleasant) according to actual user reviews, the machine is excellent, the price-quality ratio is optimal.

Has 12 washing programs, washing class - A, spin class - C, power consumption class - A+++. The full load capacity is up to 6 kg of laundry, the maximum spin speed of 1000 rpm. Equipped with inverter motor and Eco Bubble technology (conversion of the powder or gel into bubbles), thanks to which washes clothes gently, but qualitatively, and even at low temperatures. (This is even confirmed by tests Springboard Engineering - they just washed 4kg of laundry at 400C in this machine and the other - without the Eco Bubble, and ours still won!). The special Bubble Soak technology contributes to effective stain removal - already at the spin cycle stage.

Another special feature of this model is the use of steam, and it is fed not from the top but from the bottom thus soaking the laundry and removing stains, as well as disinfecting your underpants. By the way, the drum also cleans itself, and no additional chemicals are needed for this.

Thanks to the inverter motor, the machine runs quietly, it is less wasteful of electricity and promises to last a long time. The laundry loading hatch is enlarged for convenience of use. And also, error diagnostics are simplified via the Smart Check app on your smartphone.

In general, no matter how you look at it, this model is a leader in our rating of washing machines.

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LG F2J5HS9W also narrow front-loading

washing machine rating

This is practically a "brother" of the previous model, but from LG. The same dimensions of 85x60x45 cm, but at the same time the maximum loading capacity is larger (7 kg) and the spin speed is higher - 1200 rpm. Accordingly, and the price by more (about 10%) The same inverter motor and streamlined shape of the drum that allows flexibility to change the type of rotation for better washing and gentle treatment of fabrics. The same steam with bottom feeding and error diagnostics via smartphone application, the same washing classes, power consumption, but the spin class is higher - B (against C of the previous model). And there are two more programs, 14 in all. As for the rest, the same bubbles and the system of self-cleaning and drum disinfection.

NFC module makes the washing smart - recognizing the right program for a certain type of laundry and synchronizing your washing machine with your smartphone, thus giving you the opportunity to configure the washing from your phone. True, not from afar - NFC technology has a small range - not like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Well and yes, your smartphone should have an NFC chip.

By the way, if you've run your wash and find a traitorous forgotten sock at the bottom of the basket, don't worry, this machine has a reloading feature.

So, a little more frills, a little higher price, that is why it is the second in our practical rating. In addition, surprised not too flattering reviews of LG washing machines in general and this model in particular, we found on the site read and you will these reviews.

SAMSUNG WD70M4443JW with dryer

Most reliable washing machines

It should be understood that 2-in-1 washing machines are always a compromise, as the drying mode holds significantly less laundry than washing. In addition, experienced owners of vintage machines with dryers know that over time, the machine acquires (and transmits to the laundry) a musty smell. In general, if drying is critical for you, it is better to buy separately a washing machine and separately a full-fledged dryer. The 2-in-1 option is optimal for those, who use the dryer only occasionally, and who are not afraid to hang up their clothes on ropes.

And of course, you will have to pay a little extra for the dryer - on average, this machine is a third more expensive than the first SAMSUNG washing machine in our rating.

If you load the machine up to the throat, it loads 7 kg of laundry, but dries not more than 5 kg at a time. But 14 programs and 1400 rpm when wringing. By the way, speaking of classes: all (and washing, and spinning, and power consumption) has class A.

The machine dimensions are 85x60x55 cm, it, like the previous examples, is freestanding, with an inverter motor and bubbles.

By the way, the description of this machine says that the manufacturer has taken into account the possibility of bad smell after washing, and added the option to eliminate it. You can read whether this is true at consumer reviews .

MIELE WDB 020 Eco full-size

Best washing machine

Simply a reliable machine - without drying, steam, bubbles and other gimmicks. The dimensions are 85x59.6x63.6 cm. But the motor is inverter, and the inner surface of the drum is covered with "honeycomb", which ensures gentle sliding fabrics.

In total the machine can wash up to 7 kg of laundry using one of 14 programs. Classes: washing - A, spin - B, energy consumption - A+++. The maximum spin speed is 1400 rpm. Among the interesting features are the delayed start and PIN-code lock. It is possible to complete the wash and without the spin stage at all - for the most delicate fabrics.

And also this model has an anti-spill system and a powerful, quiet, durable motor. The machine itself detects the level of loading, on this basis, consumes the appropriate amount of water and electricity. And the cherry on the cake is the handy detergent tray where the detergent or detergent gel and conditioner are completely consumed.

Since the machine is big and full-sized, its price is almost twice as high as the narrow models that opened our rating. But for such machines, this price is quite pleasant. It is one of the most affordable models of the German brand MIELE.

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washing machine review

This is an economy version of a washing machine. If you need a machine for temporary use, for example, for a rented apartment, and you do not intend to use it for more than a couple of years, in addition, while you are still limited in funds - this is a great option. No overpaying for a brand, superfunctions and frills. Washing, well, all right. And for dachas it is good - they will steal it and will not feel sorry.

A freestanding machine with dimensions 85x59,5x45 cm will wash up to 6 kg of laundry at a time. Washing class - A, power consumption - A++, a total of 9 programs at your disposal, spin speed - 1000 rpm. But, of course, its main advantage is a low price, comparable with a modest smartphone.

Do not be afraid of the fact that it is a no-name. Reviews for this model are very encouraging.

HAIER HW70-12829A

washing machine choice

With this machine, you get all the options found in today's more well-known brands of machines, but you don't overpay for the brand name. In fact, its price is a third less than that first one, especially our beloved SAMSUNG WW60J30G03WDUA. 

16 programs, steam treatment, wring 1200 rpm, washing class - A, spin class - B, energy class - A+++. Dimensions are compact: 59.5x46x85 cm, and one more good thing: a double door, thanks to which even if a small child leans against the running machine washing at a high temperature, he will not get burnt.

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WHIRLPOOL TDLRS70231 Vertical Washing Machine

rating of washing machines with vertical loading

If the narrow machines at the beginning of our rating are not narrow enough for you, look at the top-loading machines. Especially if you choose a washing machine for your elderly parents - it will be much more convenient for them to load and unload the laundry from the top, rather than bending over to the door. This machine is worthy of all: inverter motor, due to which the washing is not noisy and delicately, 16 programs, spinning at 1200 rpm, washing class A, spin class C, power consumption - A ++.

The shortest (and at that effective!) cycle of washing takes only 30 minutes (daily washing). The smart technology can analyse the quantity of laundry and on this basis calculate the required amount of water and energy. The maximum load capacity is 7 kg. And even if at the end of the wash you do not immediately remove the wet laundry from the machine, thanks to technology FreshCare in it will not appear stagnant smell.

This machine is capable of high-quality washing even in cold water, while preserving all the colours on coloured items without mixing them up. And there is a heap of thought-out little things for the convenience of use: auto-parking drum (at the end of washing, the drum always stops with the flaps upwards, so that it can be easily opened), easy opening of the drum (in one movement), function of delayed start, etc. So, our verdict - it is the best choice for the elderly or small-sized bathrooms. The dimensions of the machine 90x40x60 cm.

There are probably only two disadvantages. First: there is no steam treatment of the laundry. The second: the surface of this washing machine can not be used as another shelf in the bathroom and make it numerous bottles. Otherwise, it's great.

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Full-size BOSCH WAN 24260 BY

top washing machines

This machine is as reliable and easy to operate as any other. It is thus not expensive, and the sellers constantly indulge in discounts. Dimensions 84.8h60h59 cm holds up to 7 kg of laundry, has 11 programs and spins at 1000 rpm. Cascade system of optimized laundry wetting which selects the way of drum rotation and the direction of water jets for each type of laundry, the ability to load the machine full or half-load for smart resource consumption, reloading during the washing process (and this is a machine with front loading!), programs for quick washing or delayed start - everything you need for life is here, by God! We almost forgot - there is also a special anti-vibration design that ensures the quiet operation of the machine even during the spin cycle. Washing class - A, spin class - C, power consumption - A+++

Classes, criteria, chips: what to look for when choosing a washing machine

Type and size

Machines may be built-in and freestanding (solo). As in this rating of washing machines, we focused on inexpensive (called for life), then we considered only freestanding models. Because the built-in appliances are already a little bit luxury. Before choosing a washing machine, decide on its location in your kitchen or bathroom, and measure the exact space that can be provided by it. Location dictates another criterion - loading type. Make sure you have enough room in the allotted space to open the front-loading machine hatch without making it uncomfortable or blocking the room. Otherwise, vertical machines such as WHIRLPOOL TDLRS70231are your lot.
In addition to space, the configuration of the machine is also dictated by who will be using it. If you have elderly people, it is also better to choose an upright machine because it does not require bending over for loading the cloths

washing, spin and energy classes

This marking can be found in all machines certificate. So what does it mean?
More than 20 years ago, against the background of the triumphant march of automatic washing machines on earth, a complex, multi-component parameter "washing class" was introduced. Today, no one does not know how it is calculated, but there is a tradition to assign a machine the appropriate washing class, depending on how well it washes dirt and stains. So, the vast majority of modern machines have washing class A, and some manufacturers assign them both A+ and A++, etc. - but that is on their conscience, it is impossible to distinguish A from A++ with a naked eye.
spin class is a simpler and clearer parameter that shows the percentage of moisture that remains in the cloths after spinning. It has its own scale: 
A (up to 45%),
B (45% - 54%),
C (54% - 63%),
D (63% - 72%),
E (72% - 81%),
F (81% - 90%),
G (over 90%).
There are models with different spin classes. Of course, it can be estimated by the maximum spin speed - which is also always specified in the description of the machine. Typically, it ranges from 800 to 1200 rpm, while for life is quite enough and 1000.
The power class is calculated as the amount of energy spent on washing of 1 kg of cotton cloths at a temperature of 600°C. Here, too, there is a gradation from A+++ to G, but today it is difficult to meet lower than A. Here is the scale:
A - less than 0.19 kWh/kg,
A+ - less than 0.17 kWh/kg,
A++ - less than 0.15 kWh/kg,
A+++ - less than 0.13 kWh/kg.

Number and variety of programs

Most washing machines have programs for fast, delicate washing, pre-soak, delayed start, extra rinse, etc. Modern models are capable of striking the imagination with a variety of built-in options. But to avoid overpaying for them all (and then not using them), think seriously: what exactly of these extravagances you need.

Is it worth overpaying for the dryer feature in the machine?

Although experienced housewives advise buying a washer and dryer separately, the temptation to buy an "all-in-one" is high. But the fact is that the maximum load in drying mode in such machines is always less than the load for washing, as in SAMSUNG WD70M4443JW. Yes and the electricity consumption of such a machine increases significantly. In addition, it is not uncommon after some time in a drying machine after the clothes gets musty smell. The price of the machine, as well as the presence of a drying option affects it. So, before choosing the 2-in-1 machine, one should think hard

. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the inverter motor?

This is an achievement of recent years in "washing machine engineering". Such motor allows to vary the methods and intensity of drum rotation, which, on the one hand, provides a more efficient and high-quality washing of dirt and spinning at higher speeds with less wear on fabrics, and on the other hand, allows the machine to emit less noise during operation, even during the spinning stage. It is also believed that the inverter motor is more durable, but in the case of failure of the motor control unit (which sometimes happens) repair costs a pretty penny. And the presence of such motor in the car considerably increases its price.

Is leakage protection really necessary?

And here it is the most important option, because any failure of automatic machine is fraught with flood. And then you will have to replace not only the washing machine. In modern machines, where leakage protection is provided, this is implemented with the help of a tray and a float. A special sensor reacts to the water level, and as soon as it exceeds the critical level (due to which the float in the tray rises, the machine turns off). Believe me, this option is not spoiling and unnecessary reinsurance. What else in the machine, besides the body itself, can leak? Absolutely all hoses. That's why, in those models with leakage protection, such as the MIELE WDB 020 Eco, the hoses are made double. The water must be strictly in the inner hose, and if it gets into the outer hose - again, the emergency shutdown system is triggered. Before everything is flooded with water and you'll grimace and stop reading this article and rush to scoop it out.

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