The Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed a staff car with an unknown weapon

By: Maksim Panasovskyi | 05.08.2022, 18:16
The Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed a staff car with an unknown weapon

The Armed Forces of Ukraine again used unknown weapons to destroy Russian equipment.

What we know

Soldiers of the 56th separate motorized infantry brigade went on a hunt for Russian army staff vehicles. As a result of a successful attack, one vehicle was destroyed. The other driver lost control of his vehicle, which overturned beautifully and drove for several meters on its roof.

The video attracted attention of Western specialists who were able to enhance details with artificial intelligence. This allowed some curious details to be seen. Like a couple of days ago, the Armed Forces used unknown weapons to destroy equipment, which can be confused with shells BONUS and SMArt.

In the second shot above we see smoke on the side of the road. This hints that the Ukrainian military used an American mine M93 Hornet, which can identify the target by itself, and then fires a munition with a striking core.

The still images from the video perfectly show the flames that appear as a result of the activation of the munition. However, there is no directional explosion when hitting the target and no toroidal chmara, which are considered to be the hallmarks of impact-core ammunition.

Thus, at this point it is not known what destroyed the Russian command vehicle. It is not excluded that it is the weaponry, the transfer of which to Ukraine has not yet been officially announced.

Source: @a_shtirlitz, Defense Express

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