Another Su-25 self-destructs in Russia

By: Myroslav Trinko | 22.06.2022, 11:18
Another Su-25 self-destructs in Russia

The other day we wrote that Russian SU-25 crashed without the help of the Armed Forces aircraft SU-25. Now information has appeared on the network about a similar incident with the same aircraft.

What is known

According to Russian media, the plane crashed near the Gusev farm in the Rostov region. This time the pilot did not survive. Judging by the published photographs, this Su-25 was part of the aggressor grouping under the sign V. The tail number of the aircraft is RF-90958.

Recall Su-25 is single armored attack aircraft , designed to provide air support in the combat zone day and night with visual visibility of the target. The object of destruction of the Su-25 can be ground and surface targets, as well as helicopters and transport aircraft. The Su-25 first entered service in 1981. Since then it has received many modifications.

Source: Military

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