Google released Wear OS for Android P developers

By: miroslav-trinko | 29.03.2018, 09:12
Google released Wear OS for Android P developers

Recently we wrote that Google released a list of all "smart" watches, which will receive an upgrade to Wear OS. And now the company announced the first version of the system for developers.

What is known

The new firmware is based on Android P. First of all, Google has changed the color of the OS interface - now it's black. Initially, the Android Wear 1.0 system was white, then, with the upgrade to Android Wear 2.0, everything began to have dark colors, and now, apparently, it will be completely black.

Google also worked very well to save energy. Now the entire background activity of the application is almost completely limited. This does not apply to push notifications, fitness applications, music, etc. In addition, they added a special mode, in which the clock will understand that they are no longer on the wrist, after that they themselves disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Now the new OS is available only for owners of Huawei Watch 2. It's strange, because Google has its own devices, developed in conjunction with LG: Watch Sport and Watch Style.

When to expect

Naturally, you should not wait for the official release of the system in the near future. Most likely, more information will be told to us on Google I / O 2018 .

Source: Google