5 gaming gadgets with RGB lighting

By: Yuriy Pyatkovskiy | 30.10.2022, 21:48

Having assembled a PC with glowing internal components, which can be admired through the transparent side window of the case, it will be appropriate to get a set of gaming gadgets with RGB. The first candidates for purchase are a mouse and a keyboard. Lightweight perforated mice and keyboards with progressive optical switches are in fashion now. For the sound will be responsible headphones with ear cushions of anatomic foam and cardioid USB-microphone, which records a voice without background noise. Finally, all this can be beautifully placed on a gaming table with height adjustment for user's height.

Cooler MasterMouse MM711 - a breathable mouse

Reasons to buy: 16000 DPI pre-flagship Pixart 3389 sensor, 20 million clicks Omron switches, only 60 grams weight.
Reasons not to buy: If you like the asymmetric shape.

Cooler MasterMouse MM711 is a wired gaming mouse with symmetric shape if you don't consider the side keys on one side only. So it is suitable for both right- and left-handed people. You can choose from two colors and two types of coating: black and white, matte and glossy. The case is abundantly perforated, which minimizes the weight - only 60 grams, not including the cable. Plus, the perforations improve palm ventilation during intense multiplayer matches. And customizable backlighting shines through the perforations.

Mouse's internal electronics are protected from dust and moisture. Rugged Pixart 3389 sensor has resolution up to 16 thousand DPI, and durable Omron pigtails hold up to 20 million clicks. Teflon feet glide equally well on carpet and table, and last a long time without rubbing off. The initial setup process is done through Cooler Master MasterPlus+'s proprietary app. The built-in ARM Cortex-M0 processor and 512 kB of flash memory allow you to store profiles directly in the mouse. No reconfiguration is required when connecting to another PC or laptop.

Cooler Master MM711 RGB Cooler Master MM711 RGB
  • 16000 DPI pre-flagship Pixart 3389 sensor
  • 20 million clicks Omron switches
  • only 60 grams weight
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Fifine AmpliGame A6V - Microphone with pop filter

Reasons to buy: Wide frequency range of 60 Hz - 18 kHz, built-in spider mount, pop filter included.
Reasonsnot to buy: The backlight does not turn off.

Fifine AmpliGame A6V - condenser, or rather electret (a kind of condenser) microphone for multiplayer games, streaming, podcasts and just talking in voice chats like Zoom, Skype and Discord. It has a cardiodirectional focus with only a slight forward angle so it does not pick up background noise from behind and from the sides. The frequency range is a solid 60-18000 Hz, and the sensitivity is -40±3 dB. Volume overload is handled well by the complete pop filter.

Built-in spider mounts level out vibration when typing on the keyboard. The microphone is mounted on a tripod with soft rubber feet. If desired, it can be transplanted to the flexibly adjustable Fifine BM63 pantograph stand (purchased separately). Connects via a removable USB Type-C to Type-A cable. In addition to desktops and laptops running Windows and macOS, PlayStation 4 and 5 game consoles are supported. The cherry on the cake is the shimmering RGB backlighting of the microphone.

Fifine AmpliGame A6V Fifine AmpliGame A6V
  • Wide frequency range of 60 Hz - 18 kHz
  • built-in spider mount
  • pop filter included
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Hator Rockfall EVO TKL Optical Mechanical Keyboard

Reasons to buy: Kailh Optical interchangeable 80 million clicks switches, metal base, spare PBT plastic keycaps.
Reasons not to buy: If you need a calculator for your profession.

The Hator Rockfall EVO TKL is a mechanical, or rather opto-mechanical keyboard. Initially positioned as a gamer keyboard, but in fact is great for all those who type a lot of text at the PC, The abbreviation TKL means Ten-keys-less, that is the absence of about ten keys of the calculator unit on the right. This reduces the length of the keyboard and thus frees up more space on the table for the mouse span, which is especially important in multiplayer shooters and MOBA games (Dota 2, League of Legends, SMITE).

The keyboard is based on a metal plate, which adds to the stiffness. Optical switches actuate in as little as 0.2 ms because a key press is not read after an electrical contact is closed, but after a beam of light is interrupted. The default settings are Kailh micro-switches with a lifetime of up to 80 million clicks. If you want you can replace them with any other with the same pinout. The Ukrainian alphabet is engraved. The package also includes interchangeable keycaps for the most frequently used in games keys made of non-erasable PBT-plastic.

Hator Rockfall EVO TKL Optical Mechanical Keyboard Hator Rockfall EVO TKL Optical Mechanical Keyboard
  • Kailh Optical interchangeable 80 million clicks switches
  • metal base, spare PBT plastic keycaps
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Canyon Interceptor GH-8A - headphones with soft ear cushions

Reasons to buy: Lightweight double headband, memory foam ear cushions, 50mm drivers, remote control.
Reasons not to buy: If you're looking for a musician's headphone.

Canyon Interceptor GH-8A - wired headphones, or rather a stereo headset with a microphone, aimed primarily at gamers. The double headband allows you to sit in it for hours on end. The outer part of the headband presses the ear cups tightly against your ears for maximum noise isolation and the inner part evenly distributes the load on your head. The ear cushions are made of easy-to-clean eco-leather and filled with memory foam that precisely conforms to the anatomical shape of the individual.

Large speakers with a diameter of 50 millimeters provide a wide frequency range from 20 to 20000 Hz. Thanks to this, it is a pleasure not only to play, but also to listen to electronic music. And the rich bass adds to the atmosphere in action movies. Connects to your desktop PC with two 3.5mm audio jacks and additional USB to power RGB backlight. A nice bonus is an adapter for paired Mini-Jack to connect to a laptop. The backlight shimmers softly in all colors of the rainbow, so it does not distract from your game or work.

Cougar Mars Height Adjustable Desk

Reasons to buy: Steel frame, height adjustment 75 - 85 cm, durable carbon coating.
Reasons not to buy: If you prefer classic furniture design.

Cougar Mars is a series of gamer tables that differ in size and slightly in functionality. For example, the usual Mars and Mars Pro differ in the presence of the second USB Type-C port, which also knows how to transmit a video signal from the laptop to the monitor. And the junior Mars 120 is shorter: 120 centimeters vs. 150 centimeters for the two senior models. Otherwise, these are equally ergonomic desks for avid gamers and those who have to work long hours in front of a computer. The height can be adjusted in three positions: 75, 80 and 85 cm, depending on the user's height.

The table can support up to 150 kg. You can put on it a heavy computer, an ultra-wide format monitor, a laptop, a gentleman's set of gaming peripherals - and still be left with a large margin of safety. Carbon fiber (carbon) coating of the table top makes it look impressive and resistant to abrasion. For quick connectivity, there are a couple of USB Type-A ports, audio jacks and RGB backlighting that can be synchronized with your PC.

Cougar Mars Height Adjustable Desk Cougar Mars Height Adjustable Desk
  • Steel frame, height adjustment 75 - 85 cm
  • durable carbon coating
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