10 Best Video Eyes from AliExpress

By: Stanislav Shelemin | 27.01.2022, 14:56
10 Best Video Eyes from AliExpress

A peephole is a familiar and simple thing that adds a little safety and comfort to our home, and contrary to the saying about the invention of the bicycle, modern technology has made this simple device much more functional and affordable. Adding a screen allows you to more comfortably observe what is happening behind the door, especially if the user's vision is not perfect, and smart functions allow you to look out the door not only without getting up from the couch, but also being hundreds of kilometers away from home. In this article, we have collected the best electronic door peepholes from AliExpress, so that you can choose the model that suits you best.

Jeatone r9

Jeatone R9 consists of two blocks: external and internal, which are fastened together with screws through a hole in the door. The internal block houses a 4.3 ″ screen with a button to control the gadget underneath. On the bottom edge there is a power switch, a slot for microSD memory cards and a microSD slot for charging the device. The built-in battery capacity is 5000 mAh.

The body of the outer part is made of metal, it is round, with a diameter of 60 mm. On the external block of the device, in addition to the camera lens, there is also a call button, backlight LEDs for working in the dark, a motion sensor and a speaker with a microphone for communicating via intercom.

When the device is connected to the Internet, it becomes possible to customize the work with the Tuya program, which will send a notification about a door call or motion detection in the coverage area. With the help of a smartphone, you can also use the intercom function and talk to the guest, while not necessarily being at home, the application can work via the Internet remotely.

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Kivos peephole camera 

An inexpensive device with minimal functionality, such a device is perfect for older users for whom ease of use is very important. The peephole has a small, by modern standards, screen with a diagonal of 3.5 inches. When you press a button on the front panel, the device turns on and displays what is happening in front of the camera, the matrix resolution of which is 1280 × 720 pixels, the camera viewing angle is 120 °.

The gadget has small dimensions: the size of the internal block is 120 × 62 × 20 mm, the diameter of the outer eye is 30 mm. To mount the device, you need a hole in the door with a diameter of 14–28 mm, and the thickness of the door leaf should be in the range from 35 to 100 mm. The device is powered by four AAA batteries, which can be replaced with Ni-Mh rechargeable batteries.

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Xiaomi Video Doorbell 2 MJML02-FJ

Xiaomi, of course, could not stay away from such an important part of the smart home as the peephole and presented the second generation of its peepholes, consisting of standard and PRO versions.
The package of the gadget consists of an external unit on which the camera lens is located, with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 and a viewing angle of 139 °, a call button, and a motion sensor. The indoor unit is the “bell” of the bell and plugs into the socket. The outdoor unit is powered by four AA batteries.

To use the extended functionality of the call, it must be connected to the Mi Home system, it is important to set the China region in the application. The device does not work with other regions. In the application itself, you can already set up the peephole, its modes of operation and video recording to the "cloud", you can also watch a live broadcast from the camera or use the intercom function. Automation scripts are also customizable from within the application. It is possible to prescribe scripts for pressing the bell button or triggering a motion sensor. For example, turning on the lighting in the hallway when you press the bell button will allow you to approach the door without stumbling over a cat peacefully resting in the middle of the apartment.

It is worth noting the disadvantages of this device: in connection with the work through servers located in China, there are complaints about the stability of the video signal transmission.

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Xiaomi Smart Video Doorbell 2 PRO

The pro-version of the video eyelet from Xiaomi differs in many ways: the matrix resolution is now 2304 × 1296, and the viewing angle is 167 ° horizontally. The power source has changed, here it is two Li-ion 18650 batteries. Support for night mode and a motion sensor is also there. In addition, the external unit has received a dust and moisture protection class IP65.

The indoor unit now acts as a signal receiver, it connects to the home network via WiFi, and connects to the external call unit using a radio signal at a frequency of 433 MHz, which significantly increases the range of the kit, because the lower the wave frequency, the better it overcomes obstacles. The receiver has a slot for microSD memory cards, which can store videos. Smart functions are similar to the younger version - this is work with Mi Home, an intercom with the ability to change the voice and automation scripts for a call and a motion sensor.

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Gardlook V30

Gardlook V30 is a gadget supplied with one external device, but if necessary, you can connect an apartment bell to it, which must be plugged into an outlet. The optics of the device have a width of the viewing angle of 166 °, and the resolution of the camera matrix is 1920 × 1080. On the front panel of the gadget, in addition to the camera, you can find an infrared motion sensor and a call button. Inside the device are two lithium-ion 18650 batteries. The camera body has IP54 protection, which allows it to be used outdoors.

The functionality of the peephole allows you to connect it to a smartphone to work with the Tuya application via built-in WiFi, the application will allow you to configure the device, view the broadcast from the camera, receive notifications when the motion sensor is triggered or press the call button. As with other smart models, you can use the video intercom function to answer a call and talk to a visiting guest.

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Cdycam Digital Doorbell

A simple and inexpensive device with the most necessary functionality. The device has a screen with a diagonal of 2.8 inches, which is fastened to the external block with screws through, which gives the device additional anti-vandalism due to the reliability of the design.

The viewing angle of the peephole is 90 °, the matrix resolution is low 320 × 240, this is enough to show what is happening behind the door on a small screen. The device can take a photo when you press the call button, but taking into account the resolution of the matrix, the image is unlikely to be good. To work in the dark, the peephole is equipped with two LEDs for illumination. The gadget is powered by four AA batteries.

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EXNEN V5 Standard

One of the main differences of this peephole is the ability to work from an 18V power supply, of course, in this case, you will need to lay a wire, but you can forget about charging the batteries, because not everyone is mentally ready, that in addition to charging a smartphone, headphones and a watch, you still need to remember to charge the doorbell ... If there is no way to connect stationary power, then the gadget can operate on three 18650 batteries.

The body of the device is gray, with the already familiar set of elements: a lens with a viewing angle of 166 °, a call button, an IR motion sensor, a light sensor and a perforation under which the intercom microphone is located, the speaker is at the bottom end. connect a smartphone and use all the functionality: video viewing and live broadcasting, button notifications, video intercom function.

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TopVico Peephole Video Doorbell

The screen of this device will allow them to use without the need to pick up a smartphone, which is sometimes even more convenient and faster. The peephole is mounted in a standard hole in the door for a conventional optical peephole.

The diagonal of the screen is 2.4 inches, the resolution of the matrix, according to the stated information, is 1 Mpix. The gadget is equipped with a slot for microSD memory cards up to 32 Gigabytes, in the settings menu you can select the photo or video recording mode by pressing the call button.

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Chamous Smart Home Wireless Doorbell (DB06-1080P-WH-Tuya)

If you need support for Google Home or Amazon Alexa, take a look at this peephole from Chamous (Note that to order a device with support for these services, you must select Option 5 when ordering). Except for one option, everyone else supports the Tuya smart home. The set of functions is standard for a smart eye: intercom, viewing live streams and recordings, visitor notification and motion sensor triggering. It is possible to write information to a memory card.

The device is powered by two 18650 batteries, the matrix has a FullHD resolution of 1920 × 1080, and the viewing angle of the optical system is 160 °. When ordering, you can choose a complete set with an internal block-bell.
The device is protected against external influences at the level of IP66 class.

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Hismaho Tuya WiFi Doorbell

The housing of this peephole has a dust-and-moisture protection of the IP65 standard, which allows you to place it in the open without worrying that it will fail at the first heavy rain or its microphone will become clogged with dust and cease to perform its functions. The dimensions of the device are 148 × 55 mm, and the thickness is 32 mm. Installation is carried out using a special mount, which is screwed to the wall with four screws.

The device runs on two 18650 lithium batteries, which are located inside the case; to charge them, you need to remove the eye and use a microUSB cable to connect it to a regular power supply unit with a 5 Volt USB input.
The matrix of the device has a FullHD resolution, a viewing angle of 166 degrees, a night mode with infrared illumination and a motion sensor are supported. To store videos in the device, you need to install a microSD memory card, and by connecting it to the Tuya application, you can receive notifications on your smartphone, view recordings and broadcasts, and, of course, use the intercom function.

If you select Option 5 or Option 6 at checkout, you will receive support for Google Home and Amazon Alexa in your gadget.

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Batteries for video eyepieces

AA and AAA batteries not only have a longer service life, which can be on the order of two thousand charge-discharge cycles, but they can also give more energy to the device, which means it will work longer on one discharge cycle.
In addition, it will make its small contribution to reducing the amount of hazardous waste, which is alkaline batteries.

AAA batteries
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AA batteries
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18650 batteries are lithium-ion batteries with an average voltage of 3.7V, which is the current standard used in household appliances, electronics, electric vehicles.
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Universal charger for AA, AAA and 18650 batteries, with 1, 2 or 4 slots to choose from
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What can a video eye do?
Video eyes, depending on their cost, can also have significantly different functionality, so budget models will not be able to give you anything other than displaying what is happening in front of the camera lens in real time on the internal screen. If we consider more expensive models, the device can be equipped with the function of video surveillance, broadcasting an image to a smartphone or other devices, IR illumination for working in the dark, moisture protection, an intercom for communicating with a visitor through a closed door.

Which peephole can be used outdoors?
For outdoor use, you should use a device that is protected from dust and moisture according to the standard at least IP54.

Does the video eye work in the dark?
In order to use the video eye in the dark, it must be equipped with LEDs for infrared illumination, such light is invisible to the human eye, but the camera of the device, switching to night mode, perceives such a spectrum. as visible light and allows you to see who is outside the door. It is worth noting that due to the small dimensions of the door peepholes, the number and power of such infrared radiation sources are limited, which limits their area of operation by a meter or two in front of the camera lens.

Does the video eye need a socket near the door to work?
To answer this question, you need to study the characteristics of the device you like. Different gadgets have different power sources, it can be batteries, Li-ion 18650 batteries or a power supply that must be plugged into a 230V household outlet.

Can the video eye be used as a surveillance camera?
If such a function is provided in the device, then the peephole can start recording when motion is detected in its field of action and save video files to a memory card. Some devices may send notifications to your smartphone when motion is detected.

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