Anti-aircraft missile system "Osa" shoots down Russian drone "Orlan-10" (video)

By: Myroslav Trinko | 09.06.2022, 14:42
Anti-aircraft missile system "Osa" shoots down Russian drone "Orlan-10" (video)

Another video has appeared on the Internet with the successes of Ukrainian defenders at the front.

What is it this time

The Horevica Telegram channel has published a video showing how the Osa anti-aircraft missile system of the Armed Forces of Ukraine shoots down the Russian Orlan-10 unmanned aerial vehicle. Yes, the same UAV UAV Orlan-10, released in February 2022, uses a thermal imager with a Lynred matrix. ZSU imprisoned him with the help of a slipper (video) Lynred.

For those who are not in the know

Osa is a Soviet automated military anti-aircraft missile system. It is all-weather and is designed to cover the forces and means of a motorized rifle division in all types of combat operations. The development of the Osu began in 1960, and was put into service in 1971. The complex is equipped with four anti-aircraft guided missiles 9 M33. Modification "Osa-AK" has 6 missiles 9 M33M2, and "Osa-AKM" - 6 missiles 9 M33M3.

Source: Horevica